The relief I felt after posting Part 1 on Facebook is indescribable. It just feels good to have it out in the open. And Adam and I both truly appreciate the outpouring of love, support, and prayers. Thank you all so much.

So if it’s unlikely we can have babies naturally, what next? Well, that’s a good question. We’ve discussed IVF, IUI, adoption, medication (fyi, clomid isn’t an option because it can increase your risk for ovarian cancer, and since my Mom had ovarian cancer I already have a 50% chance of getting it, so Adam and I decided it wasn’t worth the risk).

We talked about adoption before we were even married. It is something we definitely want to do…. one day. We feel strongly about adopting a child who is from a country that has a high sex trafficking risk.  But to be honest we aren’t ready for adoption…. not yet.

And…. it’s all expensive. Adoption, IUI, IVF, medication. And we don’t have that much money right now.

So we are praying and waiting. We’d love for you to pray with us.