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Last Monday seems so far away. I had never choked on any thing before and it’s not something I want to repeat ever. To say it was terrifying is an understatement. But this week hasn’t been terribly fast and it hasn’t been terribly slow either.

Tuesday was just kind of chill day. Adam didn’t feel well and took that day and  Wednesday off. I assisted with newborn photos both Wednesday and Thursday. But Thursday evening my throat started hurting. I causally mentioned to Adam that my throat felt the same as it did when I had strep in the fall. I didn’t have time to look at my throat because as soon as Adam got off work we jumped in the car and drove to pick up the new electronic drums for the church (so technically, he was still working!). It was a fast trip because Bro Jones was coming into town for the weekend. But we did manage to stop by Target!! My favorite store ever. I scored this gorgeous teal serving tray and bowl for less than $8!


And this super cute picture frame for less than $2.50! It’s perfect for adding a first year anniversary picture to our living room wall (the picture in the frame was also taken by Kat’s Eye Photography!).


After getting Bro J and Adam settled in (food, guy movie, etc) I took a flashlight and looked in the back of my throat and, lo and behold, white spots and swollen tonsils. At that point I had to wait til Friday to call my doctor because it was too late. But first thing Friday morning you can believe I was on the phone!

Only to find out that I don’t have strep. My doctor said I had some kind of infection but the test for strep came back negative. She also said it could just be that it wasn’t reading positive yet. After routine questions of are you allergic to any meds she gave me a prescription for ceftin. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes! I love that office!

Oh! Interesting side note, Bro J and my doctor graduated from the same medical school! How cool is that?! I think they both enjoyed meeting and chatting for a bit.

So I got my script filled and took it right before going to bed. I woke up early Saturday morning almost gagging. My throat felt WORSE than it did the night before. I quickly got out of bed, grabbed my cell (for the flashlight app) and looked at my throat. The entire back of my throat was inflamed, red, and swollen. My uvula was three times its normal size. It was quite painful to even talk. I instantly assumed it was the medication. I hadn’t had anything out of the ordinary to eat or drink. And since it was too early to call my doctor and the pharmacy I went to my first doctor of choice: Dr. Google. While he’s not always the best choice he can tell me that a swollen uvula is a side effect of ceftin (my pharmacist later confirmed this). After a couple of phone calls and two trips to the pharmacy (ALWAYS return any medication you don’t finish, use, etc. to your pharmacy so they can properly dispose of it. NEVER flush it down the toilet!) I am now on a different antibiotic that seems to be helping. And I also know that I am allergic to at least one medication!

I am staying home from church. Not knowing what I have or if it’s contagious (guess we’ll find out from Bro J) and also knowing how frustrating it is when people come to church sick it just seemed best to stay home. But I will be watching the service via u-stream! You can watch with me here. And you can pray for Adam too. His sinuses are bothering him this morning!

Also, some info on what to do with leftover/unused medication:

Can You Flush Your Old Drugs Down The Toilet?   (in case you were wondering, I am not related to Mother Jones…..)

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