I’m watching one of my favorite television shows: Dual Survival. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a show where two survivalist guys go out into different environments and “survive” for a couple of days. It’s pretty neat. They encounter all different kinds of things along the way.

Cody Lundin is this hippie dude who has been living off the land for over 20 years and teaches others how to do it. He is very knowledgeable about all different types of trees and vegetation. It’s always amazing to see the kinds of things he comes up with just using plants and leaves and tree branches and stuff. I love it when he starts fires and builds shelters. He always seems to come up with some different way to do it and it’s always quite amazing.

His partner for the first two seasons was Dave Canterbury. He was supposedly a highly trained military veteran with years of survival experience as well. Apparently he lied about some of his background and is no longer on the show. Go figure. It seems kind of impressive that he lied about this stuff and no one could tell for the first two seasons. (not that lies are impressive but to pull off a stunt like that seems tough to do, and he succeeded for two seasons)

Cody’s new partner, now that Dave is off the show, is Joseph Teti. Apparently he actually IS some highly trained ex-special forces guy. It’s interesting to watch him because he appears to not know as much about survival as Cody or even Dave did. But he’s more of a warrior so he’s on top of killing something to eat as soon as he spots it. He’s a bit more hyper.

I really liked watching Cody and Dave interact. They were both fairly laid back and it was just interesting to watch how they related to each other. I feel bad for Cody because he really appeared to trust Dave and now he has to get used to a whole new partner. But it’s still a really interesting and great show to watch.

The episode I’m watching now is actually set in Southeastern Kentucky. So they were relatively close to here. Good information to know if you live here I guess. I just like watching survival shows where you have to be crafty and use the elements and natural resources around you. It’s ingenuitive and interesting to watch.

So now I’m going to stop blogging and watch the show.


P.S. They make a duct tape boat and actually use it on the show. It’s quite impressive.