I started feeling sick last night. Fever. Headache. Sore throat. “The whole nine yards” as they say. So I was out of commission all day today. The fever has been coming and going. I will feel really warm on the outside but have cold chills on the inside. It’s terribly frustrating!

Lydia is always a tremendous nurse when I am sick. She’s not only very helpful to me but super comforting. I greatly appreciate her gentleness with me. Although I’ll admit, I do turn into a big baby when I’m sick. I hear that’s a universal “guy thing.” 🙂

When I get sick I throw on some old sweat pants, a sweat shirt, wool socks, and wrap up in a blanket. I usually look ultra tacky. And being sick, I’m TOTALLY ok with that. I always feel kind of funny if I’m not feeling well but we need to go out for something. Then I wrap up yet another layer to go out. I’m never wearing colors that match and I’m kind of on the verge of looking like a vagabond. But I’m sick enough that I don’t care.

I typically only eat bland foods. But that’s actually a normal day for me. When I’m sick I want even blander foods. Man, writing this and then reading it back to myself I sound so pitiful when I’m sick. LOL

Well I’m just thankful to have such a great wife who is so loving and kind to me. And I love bragging on her!


P.S. Thanks for reading my blog post/daily journal entry.