Here’s why today was a really good day. The Atlanta Falcons won! I’ve been an Atlanta Falcons fan for years and years: ever since I first saw Deion Sanders return a kickoff and high-step it into the endzone. So that’s when it all began.

Then there was 1998. Atlanta was suddenly really good. The Dirty Birds! They had their own touchdown dance and everything! They were great! They were steamrolling teams. They had some outspoken Christians on the team and as a Christian it was so neat to see fellow brothers in Christ on your favorite team going to the Super Bowl for the first time! But then it all came crashing down. The night before the Super Bowl one of the most outspoken Christians, a team leader, got busted with a prostitute and suddenly it was all over. Atlanta gets whooped by the Denver Broncos the next day. It was not fun!

So here we are in 2013. Fifteen years later and the Falcons are one game away from the big game again. But this year is a little different. Today they beat the Seattle Seahawks. They BARELY beat the Seattle Seahawks. Now the Seahawks are a great team this year, so it is still a win and an accomplishment. But it’s a scary thing because now Atlanta plays the San Francisco 49ers. And they’re way better than Seattle. Or at least they looked like it last week. So we’ll see what happens. My brother says a win is a win, so for this week I’ll just be happy that they got the W today.

By the way, while I grew up a Buffalo Bills fan like everyone from that area, 4 really rough Super Bowl losses can change that. But I’ll still root for them when they’re not playing Atlanta.

So we’ll enjoy this win and see what next week brings.