Today (yesterday, because I’m pretty bad at this blogging on time thing) I began the Experiencing God study. By that I mean the workbook portion of the study. You do one section per day for five days. Day one was great! It begins by talking about seeing God at work. It encourages seeking God’s will in your life. God expects us to seek Him, allow Him to guide us, and work to see Him glorified.

Seeking God’s guidance and allowing Him to do work in your life is how people will see God’s power. Working through the workbook reminded me of a couple of things from my childhood.

My parents started a church in the little farm town in New York where I’m originally from. They started a Bible study where there was a need and within a couple of years it had grown into a church. It eventually grew to need a building, and then to need a larger building. Over and over God provided. For every single need God provided exactly what was necessary at the perfect time. Growing up, my brother and I were able to see God perform miracle after miracle because my parents were not only following God but seeking to do the things He directed them to do, God-sized things, that they could accomplish only through Him. When we are at our weakest God is seen vividly by the world around us.

Another thing that really hit me was a part about worry. We so often worry about big and small details in our lives. As Christians we are charged with giving all of our stresses and anxiety over to Christ, and to experience the freedom of trusting in Him.

This reminded me of the environment I grew up in. My parents were always very loving and supportive. Even if we were upset with each other, we dealt with each other in love. It was a very peaceful environment. And this was Blackaby’s point; to illustrate the freedom that comes from peace through Christ.

When I was growing up there were people at our house ALL the time. While I thought it was fun back then I didn’t realize that it was the peaceful, freedom that people sought. I didn’t understand it at the time but all those coming over weren’t necessarily attracted to us, but to Christ in us. They wanted the peace that Christ gave our family. What a neat witness to be able to offer the world; that your family would be known as the one everyone wanted to be around. That’s because Jesus is the one everyone wants to be around.

The peace of Christ is attractive to this broken world. What an exciting day of reflection and praise to God! I’m excited to continue working through the study!