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My brother-in-law gave me a blender for Christmas. omg. I was thrilled. From the very moment I read about this smoothie from Iowa Girl Eats I have been wanting to make my own green smoothie! Obviously, I read her post much later in the year (right before Christmas!) but it just looked and sounded soooo good! ONLY problem: I did not own a blender or food processor….. so thank heaven for Brother Jones and Groupon (my bro-in-law is obsessed!).

Although I was very inspired by her recipe, I didn’t follow Iowa Girl Eats’ recipe at all…. You can ask my family, I’ve never been one to follow recipes. I just throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that (depends on what I have in my fridge and cabinets) in a bowl and it usually turns out great! And I don’t really expect others to give me full recipes especially since I don’t usually….If I give you a recipe (which almost never happens! unless you are the mother of this adorable kid:

2012-09-23_15-36-045Then, and only then, will I be forced to give you a recipe with ALL of the ingredients and measurements) I have most likely left an ingredient out….mean…I know. I’m working on this flaw of mine….s.l.o.w.l.y. very slowly. It’s not my fault actually. My dad used to tell me a story about one of his Aunts that would leave ingredients out of recipes she gave out. That way no one could make it like she did. As a little kid that sounded amazing to me. I mean, I could be the best baker in my little social circle and make everyone love everything I ever baked! And then it turned into just not giving out my recipes ever. But, in the name of working on this flaw, here is how I made my green smoothie. 🙂

Unfortunately, for you (and me in light of the story I just told you) I did not measure a single thing. But I can guesstimate for you:

Handfuls of fresh spinach AND kale (like 3-4 handfuls of each)

4-5 frozen strawberries (and/or blueberries)

1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt

1/4 cup orange juice

Blend and enjoy! (I promise those are ALL of the ingredients used!)


It is soooo good! I love it. I also love the fact that I am getting TONS of good stuff for me all in one smoothie! Adam is not really a fan (as expected!! haha) but he did down one without any complaints! I have had 3-4 of these mean-green-machines since Monday. 😀

~ Lydia