We started our Experiencing God study tonight. It was awesome! I’m very excited to dig in and start on the workbook! We had 70 or so people there tonight. The church is really growing and it’s so great!

Today was a busy day because on Wednesdays I have to tie up all loose ends on my Sunday preparations and anything else heading into the weekend. I got all of my lists together for my musicians: singer rotations, instrumentalists rotations, A/V rotations. I was able to get that all knocked out for the whole year!

Right now I’m watching the People’s Choice Awards. It’s kind of funny to see all the celebrities there. It’s funny because they know they can’t miss THIS awards show. It’s the only one that is directly decided by their fans/the people who pay them and make them famous. So in a sense they are all there hocking themselves to the world to try to remain popular and relevant. It’s kind of funny.

Lydia just made a couple of her green smoothies for us for tomorrow. I’m excited about that! They’re pretty decent! They are very intense but they actually do taste pretty good. Shhh….don’t tell her I said that! 😉