Ok, I’m not calling myself Pee Wee, but I DID go to the big city today. And not on a bicycle, sadly. Myself and my fellow ministerial staffers paid a visit to a couple of families that had some medical procedures done. Everyone appeared to be in good spirits so that was encouraging! We spent most of the day doing that and making a couple of stops along the way.

Our senior pastor had to stop and buy some books from Lifeway for a Bible study we’re going to be starting: Experiencing God! I’m very excited about it! I’ve known about it for years but have never gone through it. My parents did the study a long, long time ago at the church I grew up in, but I was basically too young to really be able to do the study. I just know that for years my dad has repeated one truth over and over to me from that study: “Keep doing the last thing God told you to do until He tells you something else.” He may have just been paraphrasing Henry Blackaby, I’m not really sure. But that truth has definitely proven itself as beneficial in my life.

After we got our books we went to Guitar Center and officially placed our order for the church’s new electronic drum set. I’m very VERY excited about that! My drummer is pretty psyched too!

After all this stuff I got to see God do two AMAZING miracles this afternoon! I can’t really go into the details but there were two situations that needed to be fixed and God did some pretty amazing stuff to make it better! So that’s exciting! It’s been a really good day!

Then I got to come home to my wonderful wife! And I brought her some treats so she was quite happy too! It’s been a good day!