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Last night we hung two more instruments on a different wall in the living room. Adam is pumped and keeps telling me that this has always been a dream of his to feel like he lives in Guitar Center.

As you remember this is the wall we completed the other day (my view from the couch!):


But now if you are sitting on our couch and look to the right then you will see this:


The banjo and the classical guitar are the instruments we finished hanging last night. If you want to hang your own guitars (or banjos or mandolins, etc, etc,) I highly recommend String Swing.

2013-01-07_11-28-14_129We purchased four of them and a wall bumper was included for each. They are very sturdy and Adam feels comfortable with them (which is of utmost importance!)

After we were finished I counted how many instruments we have in our living room and it comes to a total of eight! With one more coming because since we hung some on the walls we have an extra spot in the guitar stand. 🙂 Needless to say, my man is extremely talented because he can actually play all of the them!

I still have a few more pictures to hang/projects to complete before I’m finished with the living room but for now it’s just so exciting that it is beginning to look and feel like our home!

~ Lydia