Today was a busy day in the office. There were people in and out all day! We’ve been doing some painting/fixing up. My internet has been switching on and off over and over all day long. That’s been pretty frustrating! Our Mr. Fix-It guy seems to think there may have been a rodent in the crawlspace that may have chewed up a cord somewhere. THAT’S frustrating!

I worked on ordering a new electronic drum set for the praise band. We’re getting a Roland TD9 set. I’m pretty excited about it! Although I’m actually ordering it through Guitar Center in Lexington. They gave me a much better deal!

After that I worked on my new praise team rotation for 2013. I had a bunch of files and info uploading to my Google Drive so it gave me plenty of downtime to work on other stuff.

I watched the BCS Championship bowl game tonight. Boy, that was rough! Poor Notre Dame. They looked like they never should have made it to that game. I really would rather have watched Georgia play Alabama again. That was a MUCH better game!

Well my wife has an earache and I need to take care of her so I’m headed to bed. Goodnight all!