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Every couple of months I rearrange the furniture in hopes of finding that perfect arrangement. I think I found it a couple of weeks ago. So today we hung pictures and art on the wall over the TV. And I LOVE it!

2013-01-05_20-27-29_277This is my view from my couch! It makes our home feel a bit more like home. 🙂


I’ll start from the top left and go across each line in the above HUGE Instagram picture. The top left square is just a close up of our hard work!

The top middle picture: The huge LOVE sign is a Secret Santa gift from my brother-in-law (my sister’s hubby). I told my sister that I loved that sign and she told him to buy it. Gotta LOVE sisters! haha! You can buy your very own L<3VE sign from Cinder and Smoke Wood Creations.

The middle left picture: is my very own DIY creation. Tie some yarn around two ends of a piece of wood with some yarn hanging across the wood. Then  hang pictures on the yarn with tiny clothes line pins. My slab of wood already had holes (from nails I pulled out) on the ends and all I did was string and twist an old guitar string through my holes to make a picture hanger thingy.

Middle right: another of my own DIY. This is another slab of wood that I glued old guitar strings to….only in the shape of music notes and symbols. I then painted around the edges of the strings so the shapes can actually be seen. Next time I think I will paint the wood black first.

Bottom left: a picture from our honeymoon and artwork of Adam’s. Our first Valentine’s Day Adam painted three little canvases to say “I love you.”

Bottom middle: a picture from our wedding (by the way, there is a picture from our very first date, our wedding, and our honeymoon on the wall).

Bottom right: this is one of my favorite pictures on the wall. It’s a picture of my Mom and I love it.

We have a bit more to do before the living room is completed. Hopefully we’ll have it done within the week. 🙂

~ Lydia