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Today was an ultra-productive day! We did a ton of stuff and we’re pretty tired. My wife put up pictures from what all we did today so I’ll just talk about it.

First off I taught my music lessons today. I teach piano, classical guitar, mandolin, and whatever else anyone wants to learn from me about music. I had a guitar and piano lesson today. They went great! I have some awesome students! It’s nice to have students who actually want to learn!

I came home, picked up Lydia and we went to the bank, shipped something, and got the oil changed in the car! And we even caught some lunch while getting the oil changed. Uber-productive! We came home and got to work around here.

We moved a big circle-shaped table out of our dining room into the spare room so we can use it for other things, such as organizing stuff, and piling junk atop it, etc. Whatever use we can come up with for it.

Once this task was accomplished, and we knocked out a couple of loads of laundry, we began working on the living room. We hung a wooden sign that Lydia received for Christmas. It’s a pretty nice piece. We also hung two different artsy wood pieces that Lydia put together, and a couple of tiny paintings that I did for her for Valentine’s Day.

We put up a couple of pictures of us from our wedding, honeymoon, and even our first date! We’ve got family pictures up all around and plenty of pictures of a certain adorable nephew named Madden!

For Christmas my wonderful wife allowed me to purchase some hooks so I could hang my guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc. on the wall! I’ve always wanted to hang instruments on the wall of my house. It’s a pretty great feeling! It’s like I’m living inside a Guitar Center!

So now we’ve come to the good part! Because we had accomplished so much stuff today, and because my wife is so gracious and awesome, she let me get the DirecTV turned on 26 days early! (So I could watch the NFL playoffs!) Not to mention I had already attempted to watch the game on a digital converter box with a terribly unsightly pair of bunny ears (antenna – not even the kind you use in the house but an old pair that we used to use in the car when we traveled and we had a tiny black & white TV).

So all in all, this day was AWESOME!!!


P.S. While all my friends were writing on Facebook about how great it was that my TV was turned on just in time for the NFL playoffs my friend Matt B. said we turned the DirecTV back on just in time for Downton Abbey. Hmmm….. Come to think of it Lydia seemed unusually okay about me turning the TV on early. Hmmm….. 🙂