Adam did not know the glory and wonder of “smart-phones” until earlier this year when we upgraded his 10-year-old “dumb-phone”. In the process, we also upgraded my cell as well. Now, we both have Droids. In fact, all my in-laws also have the SAME exact Droid phone. We are a Droid family.

Droid FamilyThis is a picture of all of us (father, mother, brother-in-law, and hubby) at Cracker Barrel on our phones… 🙂 haha!

Just because I have and love my Droid phone doesn’t mean I have anything bad to say about Apple. I have no real opinion because I’ve never used one.

But one thing everyone has no matter what type of phone they have are apps. And I definitely have my favorites!

My favorite shopping app is ShopKicks! Best app ever! As Adam mentioned, all you do is just walk into your favorite stores and earn kicks; as you shop around be sure to look for items you can scan to earn kicks. Some stores have a “purchase and earn” so make sure you are ready to go at the register! Or you can flip through lookbooks from the comfort of your own home and earn kicks. Adam and I have earned over $100 in gift cards by using ShopKicks. BEST part: the gift card is available immediately!

My (current) favorite game app is Jetpack Joyride. My brother-in-law actually showed this app to Adam first but after seeing it I had to download and play for myself. I LOVE it. haha!

For *that* time of the month I recommend WomanLog. I’ve used several tracking apps and this is, by far, the most accurate and the information is clear and easy to log.

iHeart Radio (or Pandora; depending on my musical needs!), Instagram, and Pinterest are also favorites of mine.

What are your favorite apps?

~ Lydia