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Today was my day off. It’s nice to have a day off. Ironically I usually spend my day off doing all the “catch-up” errands I can’t do during the week. But it’s still a day out of the office and a day I get to spend with my beautiful wife!

We ran to the bank, the post office, the store, etc. Those types of exciting things. We also got a little “Shopkicking” in. If you don’t know what Shopkicks is you need to check into it. It’s an app on smart phones where you can earn points to get free stuff. It’s beyond easy. Basically you get points just for walking into all the stores you would normally go into. And sometimes you get bonus points for scanning items with your phone. It’s an easy way to earn free stuff. And it’s been a fun thing for my wife and I to do together.

We knocked out a little grocery shopping while we were out. I’m going to begin the P90X on Monday morning with my fellow pastoral staff. (Don’t expect any shirtless pictures of me. LOL) My wife also wanted to start making kale smoothies so we needed to go shopping. We bought several different vegetables and fruits. I had never even heard of kale until my wife introduced me to it. I’m not at all a vegetable person, but kale is alright. It easily takes on the flavor of whatever you cook with it. So that makes it easier to enjoy. But knowing how picky I am, and always having a plan for success, my wife also allowed me to buy my favorite frozen stuffed crust pizza. She knows easing me into it will be more helpful than just throwing me into the deep end. She’s a smart woman! And I’m very blessed!!!

We caught an action movie while we were out as well. That was a lot of fun! But she reminded me that we’ve now seen two guy movies in a row. So I can expect two great girl movies.

We’re ending the evening reading a book together. It’s something we’ve really come to enjoy. It’s really nice to listen to your mate read and to be able to discuss ideas about life together.

So I’m going to go enjoy the company of my favorite person in the whole world. Goodnight Neverland!