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Lofty goals. I title my first entry of the year “lofty goals” because I realize that’s exactly what my determination to blog every day is: a lofty goal. In fact, I’m sitting here writing my January 1st blog on Thursday, January 3rd. So let me catch you up to speed.

January 1st began on the evening of December 31st. My beautiful wife Lydia and I were in Nashville visiting my family. We went to their church (where my father is the senior pastor) to have a game night and ring in the New Year together. It was a pretty good time. Many of the older folks sat and played Dominoes, Skip-bo, or Win, Lose, or Draw.

My brother and I and a few of the younger church members went into their new gym and played some three-on-three basketball. I’ve not played in nearly a year and a half — and the past two days I’ve felt every bit of it! It took me back to my childhood and playing basketball in the backyard with my little brother. If nothing else came of that night I got another chance, at 31 years old, to play basketball with my little brother (now 27 years old and a good bit taller than me). As I’ve gotten older and the family has moved further and further apart geographically I’ve really begun to cherish time together.


We finished off the night stuffing ourselves with sweets, it being far too late at night for sweets, and watching the old folks worked up over their heated game of Win, Lose, or Draw. It was a night of good clean fun. And at 12:01AM January 1st, 2013 we all shouted “Happy New Year,” we said a prayer for our families, friends, church people, all those we love, and then we went out.

So I bid 2012 a fond farewell. May the tears we cried, this year, be dried. May the the laughs we will share outweigh the pain we’ve had to bear. And may the past be redeemed by the dreams we have dreamed.