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We spent 2012 Christmas with Adam’s family. Our families are too far apart to see both so we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his and then next year we’ll switch holidays again. I definitely took being with my family for granted! Enjoy every minute you get with your loved ones.

We spent two days visiting Adam’s aunt in East Tennessee and I just wanted to share a few pictures from that mini trip. Adam’s mom grew up there and we visited the home and land where she grew up. The land still belongs to the family and it was just beautiful!

I usually edit my photos with Google Picasa. I’ll post the original copies of the house and land and then my edited version. 🙂 All pictures were taken on my Droid phone.

This is the house where Ma Jones grew up. It is bigger than it looks. I was able to see the bedroom she and Aunt J. shared. Ma Jones told me that when they got tired of each other she would move up to the attic and freeze (or burn up in the summer) because there wasn’t any insulation up there.



It started snowing while we were exploring the house. We walked outside and Ma Jones told me she used to stand in front of the shed as it snowed and sing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs!



Ma Jones and Aunt J. on the front porch of the house.


Three of the four cousins. The guy in the tan coat is Adam’s brother. They really don’t look anything alike! haha! Adam definitely takes after Pa Jones and Brother Jones after Ma Jones.


The barn is amazingly still in excellent shape and, at times, is used to store hay.

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We had to pass through this gate to get to the barn and after walking through, Aunt J. turned to me and said, “That corner, next to the gate, is where the outhouse used to be.”


This patch of trees is home to a slave graveyard. It was a little unnerving and heartbreaking to see the unmarked stones used as grave headstones. The graveyard was there before Adam’s family owned the land. As far as Adam knows his family never owned slaves. It is an horrific part of history for the United States.


Ma Jones and me!


On to the creek and spring!

2012-12-29_15-34-41_805 2012-12-29_15-34-41_805

2012-12-29_15-40-10_845 2012-12-29_15-40-10_845 2012-12-29_15-40-003

2012-12-29_15-32-26_64And the last one! I promise the blurriness is completely natural. I couldn’t take another picture like that if I wanted too. As Adam and I were walking, I snapped it, and that’s what happened. Only thing I did was brighten the colors. Definitely my favorite pic of us right now.

I have now seen the childhood homes where Pa Jones grew up, where Ma Jones grew up, and where Adam grew up. I think it’s pretty cool.

~ Lydia