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Hello Twenty-Thirteen! Heavens, I’m happy to see you. 2012 has been wonderful and it makes me excited about a new year. A another full year with Adam.

This year I want to be more disciplined. When we say we will go to bed earlier than midnight I want to go to bed before midnight. When we say we will get up early and go to the gym, I want to actually get up and go to the gym (that goes along with going to bed earlier).

I want to do a 365 Project of myself and Adam. I hate having my picture taken and I’d like to be more comfortable in front of the camera. Not because I think I’m some sort of beauty queen and need to be documented but rather I’d like to be more comfortable for the future and our (hopefully) expanding family.

I also want to video tape myself and Adam. I was thinking about my Mom the other day and I wish I had more videos of her. I wish I had recordings of her voice. Sometimes I can remember but more often than not I can’t remember how she sounded. I want my children to be able to remember: with written words and audible sound.

Those are my goals for 2013: be more disciplined and be more comfortable (in my own skin).

~ Lydia