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This is a prayer of Moses; the song of his heart.

God is our home, our dwelling place for all generations. Long before a molecule of Creation was formed, He was God; He always had been God and always will be the One and only true God. He is the unknown between every particle of everything that ever has been; the unseen who binds the whole universe together. God, who has created us from dust, has determined we shall return to dust and to Him. He is outside of time. A moment is a millennium to God, and a millennium, a moment. Man is born into time and blossoms and blooms and fades and withers away, but the Lord is always.

Our God and Creator has wrath and anger toward us, who have fallen in disobedience. He sees all we commit, all we even think. He knows every secret sin and He brings each one into the light of His presence. Our nature is a disappointment to God; our innate desire to sin and greedily please ourselves. From our first breath we struggle and strain, every moment of our lives, in some way, but our restlessness is never soothed apart from God. Consumed by our selves, we don’t devote a moment of our lives considering God’s powerful and awful anger and wrath. We don’t fear God.

So God, show us a healthy, awe-filled respect for you, that we may fully appreciate every moment you graciously allow, and that we may wisely devote ourselves to you. God, don’t wait another moment, but show your mercy to us by drawing us near to you; by making us more like you! Allow us to feel your loving presence and fill our heart with sincere, appreciative, tearful joy! Cover our wasted lives, our wasted days, and redeem them with joy-filled days of gladness and purpose in You! Let us taste your glory in every earthly triumph, and boast only of you among the nations! May God bless us as we obediently allow Him to rule our lives and establish His plan for us.

September 2012