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Christmas Tree DrawingWe don’t have a Christmas tree.

Everyone acts as though this is some terrible thing! I’ve been asked if it’s for religious reasons. I’m sure they’re wondering if money has anything to do with our lack of tree. The shock and awe of not having a tree has surprised me.

It all boils down to one thing though: I simply don’t want one this year.  Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE Christmas trees! I love the way they smell; the way they rustle as you put the ornaments on the branches. My family has always, always had a live tree and nothing beats that fresh pine scent while you’re decorating or sitting by your newly prettied tree listening to Bing Crosby sing about coming home and drinking a cup of warm eggnog or hot cocoa.

But this year I didn’t want to mess with the sticky trunk; or climbing under the tree to water it every two days; or the pine needles falling off and finding them three months later under the couch while spring cleaning! And the thought of having another thing to store in the basement if we got a fake one is not one I enjoyed considering (I’m a thrower, not a keeper). So we don’t have a tree! You’d think I’d told all the children Santa isn’t real too by the way everyone acted when I said we weren’t having a tree.

Less stress, people! Who says you have to do every thing the same as everyone else anyways?!

I do have Christmas decorations up though. Some pretty lights, faces of family and friends, and a tiny manger scene on my mantle.


Garland, made from a scarf my mom crotchet, wrapped in lights and red wooden beads over the TV stand.


There’s also a Charlie Brown tree, with a single red ball, looking just as sad as ever.


A few more odds and ends grace our little home and give a reminder of Christmastime. But I think my favorite is the green candle that when lit smells like the absolute perfect Christmas tree.