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After last Saturday’s party I had some leftover cookie dough so I made actual cookies from the ball! They were soo good!


I added one egg and just enough milk to make the dough moist. Then baked at 350 until they were a bit brown on the bottom. Perfection!

Tuesday, for supper, I made this:


Basically, a baked potato with steamed/sautéed kale and chicken. I sautéed the kale and chicken in the same marinade used in this recipe. It was another huge hit with the hubs! I did make brown gravy for his potato (only!).  And I’m sorry my pictures aren’t that great…

Don’t know much about kale? Try these out for taste:

The Truth About Kale

The All-Kale Diet

Real Simple

Kale 101

And we’ve started watching Christmas movies! It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorites!


Wondering what that bag is in front of the tv? Oh, just some presents waiting to be wrapped! I only have a few days left to finish…