The above link and the fact that I really don’t like Streamzoo (used it a couple of times) has made me very thankful that I never actually deleted Instagram. I have already used the app today and will continue using it. 🙂


Over the last couple years I have become less and less a fan of Facebook. So today finding out that Instagram will be taking on more of their parent company’s policies left me pretty unhappy.

The main reason I even have Instagram is so I can see pictures of my nephew and my sis has already deleted the app! So I’m going to be one of “those” people who calls it quits. 🙂 Are you deleting Instagram? If so, what app will you be replacing it with? I’m looking into Streamzoo. It looks pretty good so far. But I’ve had other friends say that Flickr and Hipster are the two closest replacements. 

Articles I’ve read on the subject:



NYTimes (I’m a big NYT reader!)

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