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I love kale with all of my heart. Kale and spinach are my two favorite vegetables. I am not kidding either.

So when I saw this recipe for fried rice WITH kale I knew it would be a win-win for the Jones family. 🙂 Adam-loves-fried-rice + Lydia-loves-kale = lots-of-love-in-the-kitchen!


It was a huge success! Yay for good healthy food! Thank you Iowa Girl Eats!

I added shrimp because Adam is a meat and potato guy so meat is a must. I didn’t have any sweet wine on hand so I left that out and I also left out the onions (Adam is not a fan). I had also never cooked Jasmine rice before. It cooked in under 20 mins (a huge plus to me!) and tasted amazing cooked in the chicken broth. The who dish was just wonderful. It tasted like creamy sesame fried rice. I’m pretty sure this will be a staple in our home!