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Every couple months Adam has to write an article for the church newsletter so I thought I’d share his thoughts with you!

Have you ever been awakened in the night by the Lord? I have. It’s a strange thing. “How do you know it was the Lord and not a bump in the night” you may ask? Because of the reason I woke up. God has made it a point, a few times in my life, to wake me up with a song. This does not happen all the time.
But every so often, completely unexpectedly, God wakes me up with a song. It’s not always a full song. It’s not always a full verse. But sometimes God wakes me up with a song, be it a small part of a verse, a whole chorus, or just a phrase. Sometimes it is just a lyric. Sometimes it is a full melody and everything. I
realize as a musician I might be more wired in this direction than others who are not. But I am convinced through reading Psalm 42:8 and Job 35:10 that it’s not just musicians who should experience this phenomenon. There is one variable I have observed in all of the times when God has awakened me with a song. One thing that always seems to be true is that, during that time in my life, I have spent more
time in God’s Word and in prayer, meditating on Him and His goodness. What I’ve found is that joy seems to be the catalyst. When I am studying, working through, wrestling with the Word of God, crying out to Him and expressing my love and appreciation for His greatness, that’s when the songs come.
That’s when God wakes me up in the night, when I am powered down, when I least expect it, and He brings me even more joy. He fills my cup even more, to overflowing. Desiring God is the key. If you feel overwhelmed by the “patterns of this world” then take the first steps toward the “renewing of your mind (Rom. 12:2).” Get in the Word. Speak to God continually, without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17). Ask God to give you a new heart, a thirst for more of Him, a greater love for the people around you, a desire to come alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ and attest to His goodness. God wants you to know Him more. Dwell on His character and ask God to make you more like Him, set apart, holy as He is holy.
Thank the Lord we have a Creator who made us in His image. The ultimate Music Maker created us to enjoy the sweet gift of music that glorifies the name of the Lord. He truly does give us every good gift (James 1:17; Matt. 7:11)!

May 2012