I love Christmas music. I mean, I love it as in I usually listen to it on and off from July through October and then November through December it is 24/7 Christmas music! It makes me super happy!

But there are a few “Christmas” songs I really don’t like. The Grinch Song is at the top of this list. I listen to this song and I feel so bad for the Grinch. I realize he isn’t real but it really pulls at my heartstrings at how mean the lyrics are to this song. What is wrong with America that we love this song so much?

Second is Christmas Shoes. It’s about a mom dying around Christmas. My Mom passed around Thanksgiving so I know how horrible it is to lose your mom around a special holiday. It’s too sad for the Christmas season (any season for that matter!).

I don’t know why but the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” has been getting on my nerves this year. I realize this song is not reflective of a “true story” and I also realize that it’s supposed to be believed that “Santa” is the dad but the song never says it is supposed to be the dad. But the part that gets me is when the kid sings about how funny it would be for dad to walk in. Um, hello?! If your dad walked in on your mom kissing Santa I don’t think it would be that funny and your Christmas would be pretty much over… also it makes me think of Santa as some kind of weird pervert!

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What’s your least favorite Christmas song?