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Every couple months Adam has to write an article for the church newsletter so I thought I’d share his thoughts with you!

The thought occurred to me the other day that we have a misconception of worship. Now this thought has occurred to me many, many times, but this thought stuck out to me. Here it is: God desires that we come together and commune with one another, hence Hebrews 10 telling us to assemble together. Now what is worship about: How much we can get out of the music or the sermon? Are we so corrupted by the world around us that we view God as a service provider like AT&T? Are we consumers who must be pleased by the product or we won’t buy? Has God or someone else done their job wrong if we didn’t get into the music or sermon? No, this is not worship. And this is not a worshipful attitude.

Now you may be saying, “This is not how I do it. I don’t view worship that way.” Well then let me ask you, how DO you view view worship? We see in Romans 12:1 that our entire lives must be an offering of worship to God. So are you living in such a way that you are sacrificing your live priorities to Christ’s will? Are you in the Word every day? Are you praying and speaking with God? Are you singing to Him? Are you journaling to Him? Are you studying His Word and His ways? What does your worship look like? Is your worship of God glorious and beautiful because it is pure with the desire to commune with God and be holy as He is holy, or is your worship a sloppy, filthy disgusting pig that gets lipstick slapped on it once a week for any hour or two Sunday morning. It is not sufficient to assume you can attend church for an hour on Sunday morning and live your life however you want the rest of the week and somehow appease God. He desires all of your passion and priorities, not your leftover slop. What are you offering up to the Creator of all existence? It’s about your offering, not your consumption. Are you making much of Him, or yourself? “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 106:1)

March 2012