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It’s almost the end of May…. can you believe it?!

The last week and a half has been pretty crazy for us Joneses. Our car died; our taxes have been lost (I’ve mailed them in 3 times now); and I’ve had a sinus infection/severe allergies.

Long story, short version: my sisters and I had planned a shopping trip in Chattanooga and on my way to meet them I slowed down to exit the interstate for an upcoming detour (because of a landslide) and after realizing that it was a welcome center (not my exit) I pressed the gas to go on and the car would not accelerate. I creeped to the side of the exit ramp for the welcome center. The engine belt or something had broken. I stayed at the welcome center for four hours waiting for Adam to pick me up.

We continued on our way to Chattanooga but the detour took 2+ hours to drive 31 miles. It was so frustrating. My four drive had turned into a eight hour crazy mess. And then another 2 hours just to actually make it to Chattown.

After visiting with my sisters for a couple hours and seeing my adorable nephew my sisters convinced me to stay for a couple days. But after another unfortunate event I called Adam to come pick me up again.  We took another detour south and stayed with my Dad and four younger siblings just long enough for me to give hugs; have some car talk with Dad; bake a caramel macchiato cheesecake with a coconut cookie crust for Anna’s birthday (tomorrow! Happy Early Birthday, Beautiful Girl!); and clean the tub (old habits die hard! my brothers laughed at me while saying that!).

And then it was Mother’s Day.

Which is why I wanted to see my sisters so badly. They are the closest resemblance to Mom that I have and I needed to see them. To be comforted by their presence. I love my sisters to death and while we don’t always get along or see eye to eye I still love them.

I did not go to church. I don’t like to going to church on Mother’s Day. It hurts too much.

Adam and I had to return our rental car Sunday afternoon so in the pouring rain we said goodbye to the car and walked home. We didn’t drive another vehicle until last Friday. Oooohh, it was like heaven! Whoever invented the wheel I love you!

We spent all day Friday running errands, going to the bank, looking at cars, caught a late movie with some friends…and then Saturday we were at it again: more car shopping. All the while my allergies were driving me crazy! My allergies wipe me of all energy. My sneezes shake my entire body at times and I end up with horrible headaches. My Dad called in the middle of actually purchasing our new car and asked me if he had woken me up. I sound that bad!

Our new car (which I hope/expect to have for at least the next ten years! Lord willing!) is a spiffy Toyota Rav4.

Our new car and us looking pretty tired after a long weekend of car hunting! Okay, I look tired, Adam just looks way too excited! Haha!

Adam is so very impressed with Toyota. He has commented that we might just be a Toyota Family from now on. Oh man, do I love him!



Happy upcoming holiday weekend! Happy end of May, beginning of June! And a Happy, Happy Birthday to Marianna!