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I did a TON of cooking over the weekend. After reading this post from ContempoPaleo I was pretty inspired to make some pulled pork so we’d have some easy, ready-to-eat meals during the week. Here’s my start:

I put my dry rub on the pork butt on Saturday and then let the butt sit all night and all day Sunday. Sunday evening I put the butt in the crockpot and cooked it all night. I didn’t put any liquids in with the butt just let it cook in its own juices.

It was super easy and so far I’ve made pulled bbq pork, and a kale, sweet potato, pork stew. And I was able to freeze what was leftover after those two meals (by the way, we have leftovers from those meals too!). The butt cost around $20 but I think having several meals ready to go is worth it! I did forget to take picture of it after it was finished cooking but let me tell you: it was falling apart! Soo moist and tender.

Per Adam’s request I also took some chicken breast and sliced them into strips and cooked  them in a frying pan for another quick meal:

To say Adam is happy about this is a great understatement.

My sister posted this salad on my facebook wall.

I LOVE kale and couldn’t wait to try it! I am sooo glad I did. Yesterday, I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love, love, love it! Doesn’t it look amazing?!

I left the avocados out because I’m not a fan but if you like ’em, I say add ’em!

Sunday, for the church picnic I was going to make strawberry filled cupcakes because I read this blog and just had try it!

But…. my go-to recipe for cakes, cupcakes, etc, decided to get funky on me. It was sooo salty and I didn’t even put salt in it. So to cover up the salt taste I put in more sugar and then when I baked my cupcakes they fell…. So I made a trifle.

This is a bad instagram picture but as you can see my cupcakes fell apart. So I sent Adam to the store for some whipped topping, cooked my fresh strawberries in some sugar and mashed ’em up, and then layer, layer, layer! SUPER easy and it comes out tasting like strawberry short-cake. Amazing.

So if you ever start a baking project and it goes haywire, just remember you can probably turn it into something else just as tasty! We did have some leftovers so I sent them to the church office Monday morning with Adam so it would be eaten by someone else!

Adam and I started P90X yesterday. I’m very excited about us doing this workout in addition to my C25K runs. Fat be gone! 🙂