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Grocery shopping for Adam and I yesterday turned up some interesting finds!

The milk (not paleo but I wanted my hubby to try “real” milk; it still has the cream on it and was pasteurized at the lowest grade possible and not homogenized at all) and the sausage were purchased at a local farmers market. The sausage is chicken sausage and it doesn’t have any sugar in it. I looked for turkey sausage and bacon but it all had sugar in it. I’m amazed by how much “stuff” including meat has sugar listed as an ingredient.

The coconut flour, coconut oil and all-natural (no sugar added) raisins were purchased from a local all-natural health food store. I am very excited about the coconut flour and oil. Adam is excited too! I’m hoping to try my hand at mashed cauliflower with gravy made from chicken stock and coconut flour.

The rest is from Kroger. The sweet potatoes were on sale for .49lb. So I bought a bunch for our little family of two! The pears were also on sale for .99lb and I thought it would be nice to have a sweet treat. The strawberries are a treat for Adam too. He’s been amazing allowing me to serve whatever and not a single complaint! Grape tomatoes were used to make the same salad I made in this post. And the trail mix (also without added sugars) is for snacks for the upcoming week.

I’m working hard at incorporating snacks into our diet…. So all in all I’d say grocery shopping was a success! I still have spinach, spaghetti squash, carrots, etc, from last weeks grocery shopping so I just needed some “filler” options!