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Let’s be honest: I’m not the greatest blogger.

In fact, I’m really not that good at all. I tend to grab on to one subject and write about it for two or three post before I’m on to something else. Occasionally, I have a random rant about something or another (things I should probably keep to myself). And my title, “Keeping Up With The Joneses” should read more like, “Keeping Up With Lydia’s Attempts at Weight Loss”.

While I do enjoy blogging I know I’m not inspiring or motivational; I’m not trying to start a movement about a great cause; nor is my life really all that interesting. But for whatever reason (probably the fact that she’s my sister), Bethany from Cluttered Adventures, nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

If nominated then you’ve brought someone a ray of sunshine with your blog. It is to be encouraging to bloggers and it is for sure.

Rules as follow:

A. post the “sunshine award” logo (above) somewhere on your blog. B. answer ten fun questions about yourself (below) and C. nominate anywhere from 10 to 15 other bloggers for this award.

  1. what is your favorite color?: Black or charcoal
  2. what is your favorite animal?: I’m not much of an animal person mostly because of allergies (but if I had to choose, then definitely a cat person)
  3. what is your favorite number?: I’ve always liked the number 19.
  4. what is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?: Coffee: hot, cold, frozen, sugary, black, golden, doesn’t matter.
  5. do you prefer facebook or twitter?: By far and away, TWITTER. I’ve tweeted over 1,000 times in one night all for the one and only Ron Paul and because of it had my account shut down for a couple hours.
  6. what is your passion?: Loving Christ and loving others through Him. My husband, Adam. Coffee. Ron Paul.
  7. do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?: Definitely giving. I have a hard time receiving.
  8. what is your favorite pattern?: I like simple so not much of a pattern person…
  9. what is you favorite day of the week: Right now, Friday, because that’s the day I get together with my two favorite girls for coffee.
  10. what is your favorite type of flower?: Roses. Always roses.

Blogs I nominate:

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