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This morning I went to an allergists to find out why my throat has been swelling after eating certain fruits and vegetables. It’s always happened with bananas; I eat one and my throat swells and I just want to claw at my neck! Sometimes I do scratch it as much as I can (not that it does anything).

But in recent months I’ve noticed the same symptoms when eating other things like carrots and celery. It’s scary because when it swells it’s hard to swallow.

The allergists said it’s a pretty common problem caused by pollen on the fruits and veggies. He is going to test me next week to see if I’m actually allergic to those foods or if it’s just pollen.

After going to the allergists I came home and scrambled some eggs and cooked turkey sausage for lunch with a side of steamed kale. I also cut up some cucumbers, tomatoes, a red onion and some fresh cilantro and then squeezed half a lemon over the salad.

It was sooo good! But once again my throat is swollen and hurting.

Sooooo…. about the Paleo Diet/Lifestyle I’m trying to follow….. I’m not really sure what to do. I’m nervous about continuing to eat fresh veggies (even though I enjoy them) and the thought of eating cooked vegetables all the time is not appetizing.

My first thought is maybe vegetable juice will help me get the nutrients I need without having to worry about my throat swelling shut. If y’all have suggestions for a vegetable juice I can buy (since we can’t afford a juicer right now) let me know. Preferably a juice that is natural, no added sugars or anything.