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I have been thinking about some things…. things that bother me. So if you are easily offended then I suggest you read no further! Here goes nothing:

1) people who write negative status updates about their children.

2) people who think keeping things from their spouse in the name of “protecting” them

3) the idea that the church needs to show people church is fun, entertaining

4) people who say one thing but their actions say something completely different.

Number One: People Who Write Negative Status Updates About Their Children

This breaks my heart. Don’t you realize that in 10 or so years your children will have access to EVERYTHING you’ve ever posted on Facebook or Twitter? They will be able to search out their own name on your fb or twitter page and read everything.

I know if my parents had been signed up with Facebook while I was being raised I’d definitely be reading everything I could about that time. I don’t have the best memory so in my mind that would be valuable information to me remembering and understanding my childhood.

You need to be cautious about everything you post online; about your children, about your marriage, about everything. You may regret it one day.

Two: Yes, I am newly married but that doesn’t mean you should discount what I’m about to say. I’ve been studying marriage for a long time. Like since the moment I was given my first Barbie and told she was to live happily ever after with Ken.

And then there is the “small” matter of watching my own parents going through the hardest possible circumstances I think any married couple can go through: cancer. Six long years of watching and waiting for that moment when my Mom would die. But throughout that entire time, the whole six years, not once do I remember my parents keeping things from each other in the name of “protecting” the other. They were ALWAYS honest. They went through everything TOGETHER.

Together. When you marry a man (or woman) and proclaim to the entire world that you are committing to them and that you are now one before God that means you don’t do anything that could be considered “hiding”. I don’t believe this “not talking because I have to protect my spouse” thing is God-honoring. I believe God desires honesty and truth and openness with Himself and also with your spouse.

Three: the idea that church is to be fun and entertaining to draw people in is disgusting. The “church” (and I’m not talking about the actual church body) is not for “lost” people, it’s for Christians. To build them up in their faith, to strengthen their knowledge of God, to encourage one another.

Don’t get me wrong, unbelievers can come to church and the Lord can draw them to Himself, but church is NOT to be entertaining. Jesus told His disciples to “Go out into the world” not “Wait for the world to come to your church”. If you want to draw people to Christ the most effective way is to build a friendship with them and show them God’s love through your behavior.

Four: I am so sick of people (Christians) saying one thing but their actions say something completely different. If you want people to believe you are a true believer then start with your actions matching your words. If you feel called to minister to a certain group of people then you are called to minister to them no matter what they might do or say. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, it will be frustrating. But God doesn’t call ministers to minister until say, someone offends you, or hurts your feelings, or says something that convicts you but you’re too prideful to even consider that the Lord might be trying to speak to you.

I realize I’ll probably step on some toes with this post but let’s be real with each other. And this is me being real, being honest, being raw. God doesn’t want people who hide behind pretty “god-filled” words. He wants people who will stand behind truth and people whose actions will prove they really believe what they are saying.

Well, I’m done ranting. Good night people.