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So the Hubby and I have been Paleo dieting since Saturday. I know I said we’d start Friday but I hadn’t gone grocery shopping and I still had some food items I didn’t want to throw away but they couldn’t be given away either.

I did give away a grocery sack full of beans, whole wheat cereal, popcorn, etc that I had in the pantry but didn’t want in the house (can we say temptation?!).

The diet is super easy as all I’m doing for this week and next week (the first two weeks in April) is cooking with veggies and meat. We’ve had wings, stew, chicken on a stick, etc and Adam is happy with it. I did cook eggs and bell peppers for breakfast and he’s not much of fan of that combo! haha!

I have notice I eat less at meals but then I’m hungry during the day after supper. I’ve read that you are supposed to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. That’s what we’ve been doing but I’m not used to snacking during the day so often times I’m just hungry!

My question is: Is this normal? To eat less, but then feel hungry throughout the day?