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Tomorrow marks a new adventure for the Jones family! We are starting a Paleo Lifestyle. Basically a caveman diet. Paleo is all about anything you can gather or hunt and that’s all you eat.

My dear husband has eaten more vegetables in the last seven months than he has ever in his life. And now he’s going to eat even more. But with meat and that makes him happy!

I have been reading about the diet for the last couple weeks especially while planning to open my online bakery. I am scared of gaining more weight by always having baked goods in the house. I’m trying to fix recipes so that I don’t have anything left over but that doesn’t always work.

This is my favorite paleo diet lifestyle website. For people like me who need things simple this is the best paleo site out there and I’ve looked at quite a few!

I’m excited. We’re going hardcore this first two weeks (it was recommended to me by a friend). We’re not eating potatoes (not even sweet potatoes) and no fruit or nuts. So meat and veggies. That’s it.

Y’all should pray for us! I think we’re gonna need it.