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Opening my Etsy shop was a success! Not one but TWO orders right off the bat! I was so excited i wanted to scream!

Monday morning i got up at 8am and started baking for my two orders and my giveaway winner.
By 2pm I had completed all of that plus made a pie and shipped my orders! 🙂 i was quite happy with myself!

My cookies looked a bit like this:


Aren’t they adorable? After that they were placed in cake boxes and then surrounded with bubble wrap and placed in a shipping box.

I made a cream cheese brownie pie for Refresh. Once a month the ladies from my sunday school class get together and fellowship.


The host comes up with a theme and people plan accordingly. My theme was Pillsbury Dough Boy and all you had to do was make something thy included something Pillsbury. We had a great time!

Happy Tuesday y’all! I’m off to finish the first book of the Hunger Games.