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I have been nonstop listening to Pandora’s Norah Jones station while baking my little heart away. I love her style (it has a coffee shop feel to it and that relaxes me).

I am still baking and taking pictures and baking and then taking even more pictures. But I love every moment of it! Why I didn’t choose this as a career path years ago I have no idea! I’m in my element. I’m using my skills. I’m passionate about my food. I’m in love.

Also, I am back on Twitter! I went a week and a half without tweeting a single thing. Not one character. It was hard to go cold turkey like that…after about 3 days I really wanted to cry. I sucked up and made it! I decided to get back on twitter because it’s hard to promote a business without that source of free advertising!

And now for the treats you’ve all been waiting for:

My fruit coffee cake is AMAZING! You’ll want to eat it not only for breakfast but as a snack during your lazy afternoon and then again after dinner for dessert! And you’ll feel good about it because it’s full of strawberries and blueberries! No worries, if you aren’t a fan of those fruits then we can mix it up and shoot for peaches, or raspberries, or any combo you think will be incredible (because it will be!).

Lydia’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for! I’m not kidding. They are crispy on the edges but the middle is pure chewy heaven! A sweet mix of chocolate and more chocolate.

Best Friends Forever:

Be sure to stop by my Etsy shop on Friday for my grand opening!


***Neither the Coffee or Milk will be included in your purchases. Sorry! But they are highly recommend!