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I’ve had a very busy Monday.
I have washed like 4 loads of towels and sheets. I cleaned the bathroom, straighten the living room, and the  kitchen. Baked a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, maple banana muffins, and peanut butter cookies. AND washed all of the dishes from baking (which is huge for me because I hate washing dishes). I also put supper in the crock pot early this morning.
And now it’s only 4:30pm and, yes, there is more stuff I can do in the house but I’m tired and don’t want to do any more “chores”. So here I am!

Also…… I am fasting from twitter….. if you know me you know that’s crazy. Like every 5 minutes i think of something I want to tweet. It’s ridiculous.

I have been fighting against fasting from twitter since that night Twitter locked me out for tweeting too much. I seriously feel into the depths of despair!  Because I just love it so much.

But Sunday night while at the ladies Bible study Beth Moore mentioned Twitter as a tool that Christians use to tear other Christians down and I felt so angry with her. I was shocked that she would even dare to think twitter is bad.

And then it hit me: I am so wrong. It’s wrong to feel this way. Twitter is just a thing. When it comes to life and death it means nothing.
I knew what I had to do. I had to remove Twitter from my life at least for a little bit until it gains its proper place in my life and heart.
So pray for me because it’s hard to remove something that was such an active part of everything I did.

That’s my Monday so far! Hope y’all are having a productive Monday too!