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The first weekend in March a lot happened for the Jones family.

1) we went on vacation to the mountains of GA.
2) we saw my brother get married (what a ceremony! One of the bridesmaids passed out in the middle of the whole thing!)
3) we spent the weekend with my family in a cabin.
4) we saw my adorable nephew, Madden
5) Adam killed a scorpion
6) i forgot my salad bowl and my picnic bag
7) we had a 30 minute discussion on homeschooling
8) Adam met my crazy relatives from my moms side of the family
9) both Adam and i got our hair cut. His by a woman and mine by a man.
10) we rented a Kia Soul and I’m in love with that vehicle

And that sums up the beginning of March for us!

My before pic:


And after:


The newlyweds:


Something strange i saw with my sisters and HAD to take a picture


And my nephew Madden with his Mom and my sister, Bethany


You can read my sister’s blog at clutteredadventures.wordpress.com