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Adam has all of my Valentine’s Day “first”. He was the first guy to ever send me Valentine flowers (last year). I cried like a baby.

This is a picture of me after a hard day of work and coming home to some beautiful roses from my favorite man who was 8 hours away in KY.

Sooo this year I told Adam everything I didn’t want: no jewelry (I’m too picky); didn’t want the newest Twilight movie (maybe someday); and finally after telling him for weeks that I wanted a pedicure, I told him no to that as well (hadn’t shaved my legs!).

I came home after working 10 hours to a sweet message on the white board:

Without pausing to change clothes I immediately started making my gift to Adam: a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza (got the idea from Pinterest!). He was impressed and quite happy which makes me happy.

Before sitting down to eat I decide it was time to change out of my scrubs and into something more comfortable. I walk into the living room to go to the bedroom and this is what I find waiting for me:

Adam painted these small canvases. I love it. It’s creative and adorable. I am planning to redecorate the mantle with these as the center piece.

He also bought me some coconut bubble bath and then wrote me a song. Gotta love having a man who can write words and music!

I love my man.