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I am working all 10 hour days this week through Thursday so I probably won’t post much during this week. I feel like I’m doing pretty well with my eating. I did have a tiny, tiny piece of cake yesterday at work because I ate a handful of spinach, baby carrots, a banana and half a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and by 3:30-4pm I was starving!

Breakfast I drank half of a protein drink, a breakfast burrito, and a cup of coffee. The burrito was sooo good! I was quite impressed! Adam even thought they were good! I’m excited to have several more in the freezer for quick, on-the-go breakfast needs!

At the ladies night out I was super good! I didn’t eat a thing! 🙂 But supper was half of a turkey burger, 1/2 cup of fries, and a piece of key lime pie! :-/ Oh well! Sometimes you gotta give!

I’m back on track today! I’ve got a turkey burger, spinach, baby carrots and a banana for lunch. I’m hoping that will fill me up til I get off work at 7pm.

I’ll try to keep y’all updated on my eating as much as possible!