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I spent my afternoon cooking and now have 6 turkey burgers (which is perfect because I only have 6 buns), two baked chicken breast, 2 shredded chicken breasts (for easy, filling salads), and sliced salmon.

I guess I need to spend every Sunday afternoon making food for the next week! I am excited about having healthy meals readily available with little to no cooking involved!

Here is our supper (I hid kale in the burgers!):


We split the fries (almost the end of them!), ate half a cucumber, one piece of celery, some baby carrots, and split a banana. We share a plate most nights (less mess!)…. Adam said that tasting vegetables like celery and cucumbers is making him like carrots better! LOL He does like the kale though so that’s good!

I’ve made a key lime pie tonight too. I’m going to a “girls night out” with the ladies from the church and you have to bring a favorite munchie! And who doesn’t love to munch to on key lime pie? Adam and I are not eating it… although, I am CRAVING ice-cream! Heavens, what’s a girl to do?!