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I am not kidding.

After Adam started working at J C Penney’s (JCP) and began placing clothing on free hanging shelves that have no drawers and you can openly see what is on the shelf that produced a dislike for all dressers.

We bought a chrome, free-standing, open shelf for a test run. If we don’t like it we’re gonna go back to the dresser. Adam spent his afternoon watching football and building the shelf. Isn’t he adorable?!

I think we’ll end up putting the dresser downstairs. He is pretty proud of this shelf.

He actually already loves this idea (and the shelf) but down the road I want to get nicer looking shelves. Possibly bookcases instead of this ugly thing.

Of course, Adam thinks it looks fine but he’s a man and doesn’t really care about what it looks like…He just wants it to work well. 🙂