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I’ve decided it is a good idea to post pictures of what Adam and I eat (and what I choose to prepare). I’m trying to work out this idea of not changing what he likes but enhancing his diet: more fruits and veggies.
Amazingly, he already likes a lot of fruits and vegetables; he just doesn’t really know it!

Lunch today needed to be easy because I already had a big day in the kitchen planned. We have this nifty “sandwich-maker” and it makes the quickest grilled-cheese sandwiches you’ll ever have. It’s fast and easy.
So we had a ham and cheese grilled sandwich with a huge pile of fresh baby spinach, some baby carrots and a few fries (trying to use everything in the kitchen and not waste/throw away because we are poor so eating what we already have in the house is important). I am going to split the fries into 2 or 3 meals so we didn’t eat all that I cooked!
I drank an 8oz glass of water with two tablespoons of vinegar in it and omg! 1) it was nasty, but
2) it made me soooo full! I didn’t eat any fries and only half of my sandwich.

My plan is to continue drinking vinegar water before every meal if it will make me feel full! That means I’ll eat less food…right?!

Here is our lunch and the horrible fries:


It’s a process, I know, to change everything you are doing in the kitchen. It’s hard but I want to lose weight! And even more so after we went to Target and I bought some dress pants (granted I’ve always had to go up like 2-3 sizes in dress pants) and the size I ended up buying makes me even more determined to lose weight!