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I realize you probably don’t care about my bathroom. But it is impressive to me and since this is my blog and I get to choose the subjects…well, here we are!

I have spent today cleaning my bathroom top to bottom. The tub, the floor, the toilet, the sink, everything. It’s really been a week-long process because last week I cleaned out the closet!

My picture perfect bathroom is white. White towels, white, shower, white floors, etc. I believe this comes from a love of staying at hotels with their gorgeous bathrooms and white towels readily available!

I also know that after kids come along white in a bathroom is quite possibly the worst idea in the world. It will not stay clean. I know this because I’m the 2nd oldest of eight.

I registered for white everything for my wedding showers and, boy, did I get some towels! I have more towels than I know what to do with! And if they are all clean at once they won’t all fit in the closet!

But I am beginning to wonder if white is a good color for my bathroom because something (I’m thinking something in the water?) causes PINK stains to show up everywhere! Mostly in the tub but, omg, it is soo gross!

Anyways here are some pictures of the closet. It still looks pretty messy but it’s WAY better than it was!

The Closet  The Closet 2  The Closet 3

This is the black trash bag of stuff that came out of the closet. A few items on top are from the top of the toilet (magazines, Sudoku, etc that hasn’t been looked at since at least August!). As you can see now we are down to 1 Sudoku book. 🙂

All the Stuff  The Throne

And the bathroom as a whole:

The Other Side    The Bathroom

And there we have it! My clean, perfectly white, kid-free bathroom! I love it!