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My biggest struggle as a new wife is cooking. My adorable husband is a meat and potatoes guy! And it gives me soo much pleasure when I know I’ve cooked a meal he loves.

We eat a lot of pizza, turkey burgers and fries, and spaghetti with bread sticks. That sums up our diet pretty well.

I’ve probably gained 30-50 pounds since getting married. Adam doesn’t gain anything. How he does it I have no idea! But my weight is killing me! I’ve always said clothing sizes don’t bother me and I’d rather wear something that fits than worry about the size but I hate my clothing size right now. I don’t feel confident or pretty. I hate pictures of myself more now than ever and don’t care to look in the mirror.

I desperately want to lose weight and I know it all starts with eating right. That being said I need suggestions for healthy meals that won’t make me feel like I’m disappointing my hubby whenever we sit down for a meal!

I also need meals that will be pretty quick. Days I work 10 hours I really don’t want to have to come home and cook a crazy big meal (which is why pizza and frozen chicken/fries works!).