Forget Julie & Julia, I give you: Lydia & Ree (The Pioneer Woman)!

I am engaged. My fiance, Adam (my own MM: Music Man), has roots deep in the heart of Tennessee. We’re talkin’ good ol’ southern food that’ll make your knees quake and your tummy settle low in your middle (probably literally considering the amount of butter it takes Paula Deen to make any southern dish).

So I’m on a mission: to make sure my cooking skills are up to par with MM’s mom and aunt.

I’ve never been a bad cook but I have not cooked as much as I used to and even though I’ve been cooking since the ripe young age of 11….AND even though my brother, Spank, has always told me I’m a better cook than McDonald’s (that’s *got* to be pretty good!) I’m still worried. I want Adam to LOVE my cooking. And I want to feel confident in my cooking for him.

The race is on! I’ve got a month and a half until we say “I Do” so I’m cooking a meal with a recipe or two from The Pioneer Woman cookbook at least once a week. I bought it probably a year ago and haven’t cooked a thing! shame on me.

also please do not take notice of my free weights, dirty laundry, shoes, etc., on my floor.

Tonight was my beginning! I fried up some Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes. O.M.G. They were both soooo good!

I don’t have pictures of the steak cooking because I forgot about my camera until it was too late.

my beginning mess

the end project:
The potatoes were a joint effort with the brothers and Pop. They cooked potatoes, mashed them, and then I added some pepper and baked them in the oven after putting more butter on the top.
I think supper turned out pretty well. The guys grilled asparagus, mushrooms, corn, and peaches while I was cooking (too many starches I know! It hit me after we all sat down).  
I know they are all more than happy to help Adam out by taste-testing! Cup-bearers fit for a king!
Lesson for the night: I need to come up with a way to keep my meat warm if we have to wait for grilled veggies to finish.
I’m getting there. 
Overall: no complaints. at. all. 
Meal #1 with Lydia & Ree down! A couple more to go and Music Man will be one happy hubby when all is said and done.