1) Always carry your purse. No matter how short the excursion (ride into town or a cross-country trip).

2) If you want friends, you yourself must be friendly.

3) Going to the movie theater by yourself is relaxing.

4) Pregnant women can do anything a non-pregnant woman can (roll down hills, do cartwheels in the living room, etc).

5) The first couple chapters of Proverbs is perfect for sex education.

6) When a guest enters the house always offer them something to drink and eat. If they say they’re fine, get them something anyways (they’re probably lying).

7) Every animal needs a good home (and ours is the perfect fit).

8) To say “Yes ma’am”, “No ma’am”, “Yes sir”, and “No sir” even to people younger than me. They deserve respect too.

9) How to let men be men and open doors, hold luggage, etc, etc (I’m not always good at this though…. I am Woman! Hear me Roar!).

10) No matter what happens God is in control.

10 things I learned from my mother.