God has given me an unquenchable desire to see other girls (men too) remain pure. I have a passion for purity. Because of this passion and because I hope to spare others from the same pain I’ve endured I started a girls book discussion group (later to be named WOP i.e. Women of Purity).

I invited my favorite girlfriends (over the age of 21) to join me every Thursday night at 9pm at Starbucks to discuss the book Emotional Purity. We read three chapters of the book each week and then met together to talk about the book and anything else relating to being pure before the Lord.

I have grown so much in my walk with the Lord through leading these amazing girls. I have been convicted (no longer have an “exception guy”) and challenged (to reveal the idols in my own heart) and loved.

My challenge to you is to start your own book discussion club. Call it WOP if you want! 🙂 But emotional purity is not preached within our churches. We talk about physical purity (which is good) but if we get down to business and face the facts: physical impurity happens when there is an emotional connection.

Wake up people! If we need to start living radical lives for Christ. We are supposed to be like a city on a hill whose light cannot be hidden. If we were truly honest we’d admit that our “christian” lifestyles are not any different than nonbelievers.

Somethings gotta give. And it won’t give unless you give it a push or a shove. Push and shove your own idols (idols being anything that brings you pleasure or happiness that causes you to sin or anything you are willing to sin in order to have) out of your life. Press forward to the goal of being more and more like Christ.