This is my 200th blog post (on blogger… there’s quite a few more from my younger and more innocence life).
Blogging has been my form of journalling for years. It’s been good; a form of release in extremely trying times. I recommend it for everyone.

The Lord has really pressed upon my heart to come up with God honoring boundaries within dating relationships and even guy/girl relationships in general. I’ve spent the past couple weeks praying about it. I want to honor the Lord so much in everything I say and do and I really believe He is leading me in the following direction (as far as relationships are concerned) and I’m telling you guys so you can help hold me accountable.

Relationships/friendships with Guys –
1. With the exception of one man* there is absolutely no “alone time”. This includes riding in a car; being in his (parents) house (or he in my mine); no one-on-one sessions for coffee or lunch, etc, etc. There needs to be a girl/sister/brother with me.
2. No physical touch beyond a hug and even that will be limited to a few certain guys.
3. No flirting. I’ve been told I need to be coy and, even if I’m interested in a guy, to act like I’m really not. But I hate games. Especially when it comes to peoples hearts (emotions). So no flirting and if need be I will make sure the guy knows exactly where I stand.

Dating Relationships –
1. Limited “alone time”. What I mean by that is dates will be in public places: well-lit restaurants, coffee shops, etc. No alone time in his house (or mine). Car rides need to be very limited.
2. No kissing. I don’t think holding hands or hugs are inappropriate but I don’t want to kiss another guy until my wedding day. In my experience kissing can lead to other things far too quickly and I’d rather not have that temptation. I have to admit I had my inspiration from my Exception Guy.

I can’t think of anything else at this moment. But if I do I’ll let y’all know. Just keep me in your prayers.

*The one man who is my exception for guy friendships is RG. I know it probably sounds stupid to have an exception, but 1) I have a peace about this and 2) I trust RG with my life and to also be completely God-honoring in everything he does. Soooo…. call me ridiculous if you want, but RG is one of my best friends and I’ve never known him to do anything that didn’t bring glory to the Lord. He is also the reason I’ve decided to not kiss again until my wedding day. He told me he believes that is the right thing to do and I respect him so much that hearing him say it made me stop and consider that for my own life.