I promise very soon to do a blog post on some products around the house that I *love* and on some I don’t. 🙂

But I feel like it’s time for an update on my love life (or rather my lack of).

As you all know I have another month left on eHarmony. April 12th cannot come soon enough. I was praying today about taking a sabbatical from dating (and even the idea/thought of dating) after my subscription ends. Y’all. I am freakin’ tired!

Anyways, boys. Let’s start with Mr. Music. Based on previous experience with guys, if a guy doesn’t contact you for more than 3 days in a row, well, that just means he is not interested, or he’s gotten tired of you, or you wouldn’t have sex with him so he’s through being sweet and nice and he is both tired of you and no longer interested.
I am assuming that Mr. Music is just not interested. And I’ve accepted that fact. But I hope we can be friends (hopefully it won’t be awkward) because he is a cool guy and he has an amazing heart for the Lord.

I have realized that every person you come in contact with you give a part of yourself to them and you never get that part back. It is sweet for sure, but also annoying.

Well, I am still closing matches like it’s going out of style. And I’ve realized that the more you are on eHarmony the more matches they send you. It’s weird.

Mr.-Wound-My-Spirit. He is the next and only other guy I’ve “talked” to. But he should really be called Mr. Jolly Green Giant. The kid is 6’5″ and wears a size 16 in shoes (I know because he told me). I have been praying about how I should tell him that this is not going to work. I mean, if after the first phone convo I feel like less of a woman (and I not only cleaned while on the phone with him, but found my long-lost-and-forgotten first aid kit, straightened my laundry and begged A to bring me my computer) then clearly it won’t work. I need a man who empowers me as a woman (to be the best wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, etc, etc) just as I will empower him as a man (to be the best husband, father, friend, brother, son, etc, etc).

My problem: I have yet to tell Mr. J.G.G that it’s not going to work. AND HE CONTACTS ME ALL THE TIME!! What’s a girl to do?! I need tell him. I know.

I had to pause my blog writing to check on a deer Joe hit. Joe shot it to end its misery and I wanted to skin and gut it but it was too small to have any good meat. I was a bit disappointed. And I will admit feeling a bit sick to my stomach. I’ve only even been that close to an animal being shot when Joe killed that rattlesnake I gutted last summer. I am going to get used to it. I still want to go hunting.

Anyways, back to Mr. Jolly Green Giant. I am going to tell him. I will not let it continue. He is sweet, funny, and loves the Lord, but he is not for me. Pray for me. I find I’m lacking courage.

That is the end of my “love life”. I could say it sucks but really and truly it doesn’t. I am resting in the Lord. I feel content.